Thursday, July 5, 2012

My Furious Fast and Fickle Friend

My Furious Fast & Fickle Friend
My cancer wanes so have your lend
While just as much with promise lies
To reach a hand toward disguise

My furious fast and fickle friend
When feeling fails try to pretend
So once the curtain falls you’ll see
Applause throughout your dynasty

For feelings fast and fisted tight
Turn jaundice in the lazy spite
Of Ungrateful men who lie to take
What she would rather not forsake

My furious fast and fickle friend
Into defeat your dallies bend
For what is left when trust does send
It’s sorry self toward no friend?

Angela Sidoti Copyright © 2006

I went to war My Love

I’m back or you are
Where we left space immediate
With my bandaged head and my shrapnel shame
Walking wounded

You see my eyes closed
Can’t share with you those shapes those lights
Or what I fell through heavy on my own
Facing forward

While you were gone friend
I marched to war with demons you don’t know
And battled with less stoicism than need
Bleeding plenty

Now you’re back and here
I cannot share with you the failure or the courage
Which led the charge through a thousand
Traitor Treasures

My gaze blank and difficult
With a veneer of pleasantry and affection tempered
By the memory I fail to share with you or with your
Failed attendance

I went to war my love
I bled and caught the bloodspill along my bitten tongue
Of casualties you cannot know in combat
All unmoved (removed)

Angela Sidoti © 2011

- - 11/11/2011 - -