Monday, February 14, 2011

Oh you faltering fake and unhappy ending

Oh you faltering fake and unhappy ending
Obvious, stated as a disclaimer, in italics and small in print
None the less there and available for consideration
By the careful, the paranoid, the clever.
Not for me this small and ungrateful prick
In the trustful, luck-full, optimistic mind
Of me

For I am stupid and willing like a domestic animal
Stolen nature fighting the rule it is grown against
Thrown against, loaned against
I am there and absent in my care for self
A bad bang repeater, deleater, he-beat-her
To a pulp of disappointment, self hate sad and dragged anointment
When the rail you lean against, scream against
Folds down and fallen you lay cheated
Hurt and bruised like flower petals in a careless fist

It was blissed, kissed and left for dead or else a gist
Slow coming, like her
Arriving too late for the rest, the best
She thinks she can do
While getting done, it’s just fun shoots the gun
Of her masochistic, too sadistic – lack
And sits heavy like stone chilled bone
in the home of “not there”

Angela Sidoti © 2006

Thursday, February 3, 2011

The stomach cloud

The stomach cloud
Sinking like stoney silence
Unfinished business
Or unforgiven delay

A scattered herd
Running scared but not over
Dust ridden movement
On a still, sunless day

A mouth overworked
Scarring as spoken sad
Light laden truths
Cover a dense unrhyming word

Or eyes seeing nothing
Refracting with their light
A massacre of form
Floating above earth-beds

Angela Sidoti © 2011